Are You Looking for The Best Kiteboarding School?

Many of you must be interested to join the best kiteboarding school, but how do we find them?

You might have come across many different advertisements claiming them to be one of the best kiteboarding schools in the town, however, in reality, they are just an average school as most of them may either not have enough equipment or qualified instructors.

So, how to find the best kiteboarding school?

Instead of getting influenced by attractive advertisement, you must ask the following questions. If they respond with yes to all your questions, then you may shortlist them for your further investigation.

  • Do you have qualified and experienced instructors?
  • Do you have updated equipment?
  • What are the safety norms followed by your school?
  • What are the locations where you have schools?

We have found Kite Surfing School in Miami as one good school offering kiteboarding lessons near Me. If you live near the Miami area and are interested to acquire this skill as a beginner, then you can enjoy their lessons in following few locations that you can choose based on your convenience:

  • Adventure Sports Kiteboarding School
  • Coconut Grove Kiteboarding
  • Kayak Rental.
  • Miami Kiteboarding
  • Miami Kitesurfing
  • South Florida Kiteboarding
  • TKS Miami Water sports

The following are a few tips to find the best kiteboarding school near your location:

  • Check the competence of your kitesurf instructor

Ensure that the school has certified instructors and they have certification from IKO (International Kiteboarding Association), REAL, PASA, or similar other certifications. Also, chat with them as having a certification is not enough.

  • Enquire about pedagogy and also lesson plans

You must also enquire about their specific objectives and teaching process. Also, enquire about the specific objectives of each lesson. Ask what you will learn from them. Find out whether they are clear about the skillset that a new learner must learn to become a safe and proficient kite surfer.

  • Learn about their group size and also composition

It is also important to know the number of candidates they will include in each group. Try to know on what basis they form the group.

  • Check the location of lessons

Another important factor that decides how much you will learn is the location where you will learn. The lessons ideally should be held on a certain large sandy beach having little nearby hazards.

  • Verify about the learning kitesurf equipment

Also, find out whether the gear brand is new or old and since when they started.  Any well-established kitesurf schools usually buy new equipment almost every year.

  • Ask about radio communications, rescue, and boat

You must also assess how well they are prepared for emergencies. Do they have a radio communication system for emergency rescue? Few schools have either a boat or Jet Ski for rescuing any drifting student, or a stand-up paddleboard, or a kayak.

  • Check insurance and business structure¬†

Last but not the least, verify that the school is registered and what student insurance coverage for liability is available.

Although it may take a little time, however, you will be able to find the best kiteboarding school by following the above tips.