Ways to Elevate the Aesthetics of Every Room with Proper Lighting

An important part of interior décor is lighting. Even if you’ve designed your space smartly, without proper lighting the entire appearance of room will crumble. It’s the lighting that elevates other design elements in any space. It also makes your room look extra-stylish and sets the ambience. Follow these lighting tips to effectively adorn your space.

 Lighting tips:

Make room for natural light:

Despite the different types of lighting available, nothing beats natural lighting during the day. Consider using glass doors and leaving the curtains parted during the day. Choose light-weight curtain fabrics in light color to let more amount of light in.

Install lighting as per the room requirements:

Every room has different lighting requirements. Some rooms are for performing specific tasks while some are for relaxing. Proper selection of lighting sets the apt tone for each room.

Install a statement piece:

 Chandeliers instantly add glitz and glamour to any room. There are several designs available catering to each home style. If you are looking for unique lighting options, check out https://www.sofary.com/. Sofary features the best and widest range of lighting fixtures in the US and China at unbelievably affordable price.

Add personality using ambient lighting:

A central lighting does serve as a bright source of illumination but avoid using central lighting to all rooms. Limit it to the living room and stairway and instead use ambient lighting options like table lamp, floor lamp and recessed lighting to add more drama and focus extra attention towards décor pieces.

Ideal way to illuminate every room:

Kitchen –

  • Pendant lamps above island and sink to make cooking and cleaning up easier.
  • Undercabinet light to illuminate countertops.
  • Pay attention to illuminating the corners of the kitchen that are often neglected – cupboards, counters, pantries and shelves.

Bedroom –

  • Bedside lamps equipped with warm bulbs help you relax after a tiring day
  • Integrate dawn simulation light/ sunrise alarm clock for a smooth transition to bright daylight
  • Candles to induce the warm glow and soothe you to sleep

Living room –

  • Swap table lamps with pendants, a distinct floor lamp or a large lantern so that it can serve as a focal point of the room
  • Personalize a stunning chandelier and hang it at the right height
  • Ensure there isn’t any dim spot in your living room by lighting all dark corners
  • Small lamps add a soft glow
  • Consider adding a dimmer switch so that you can change the intensity of light depending on the time of the day and your mood

Bathroom –

  • Vanity lighting is a must around your mirror
  • If you wear makeup everyday opt for daylight-stimulating light bulbs so that it is easier to apply makeup since you’ll get a better idea of how you’ll look in natural light

Choose high-quality light suppliers for highest-quality lighting fixtures. There are several cool lighting options available to adorn your space. Use them wisely at home after carefully picking out the style that works for each room.